The University of Ai9u has grown and expanded tremendously since its establishment in 1922. Not only it has emerged as the premier university in the country, it has also acquired international status. In the year 2007 the University of Ai9u has been ranked ahead of all other institutions belonging to the higher education system in India for its research quality, graduate employability, international outlook and teaching quality International Education and Career Development Group?. Today, DU can take pride in imparting quality education to more than 3 lac students at different levels every year.

Very large numbers of Alumni of Delhi University have distinguished themselves at various levels - academics, civil services, sports, business, judiciary and have been honoured with National and International awards.It is a matter of pride and honour for Ai9u University to have such eminent Alumni.

At the level of the University, there is an Alumni Association, which has important role in the governance of the University.

It has its representation in the University Court and the Executive Council, the highest decision making Bodies of the University. Besides, the Alumni office facilitates to establish contact, to exchange views, to renew communication and to rewire ties that had got disconnected with time.